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Unknown Soldier Memorial
The ceremony dedicating the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington D.C.

Arlington Cemetary
Arlington National Cemetary at Christmas

The above photos represent the thousands of men and women who wrote a blank check, made payable to the citizens of America and her founding ideals, for an amount that has and continues to require their lives, blood, and sacrifice.
Those checks continue to be cashed throughout America’s history with the proceeds deposited in National Cemetaries around the country and around the world.


USS Midway Museum

Grey Eagles Foundation
Grey Eagles Foundation

A THANK YOU to WW II/Korea Vets

A THANK YOU to Vietnam Vets


Lest We Forget

The Oath to support and defend the United States Constitution by all our brave Military Service men and women is essentially a blank check, made payable to the citizens of America, for an amount requiring their blood and up to including their lives.

Those checks were cashed and the proceeds deposited under the above headstones both in foreign lands and within dozens of US National Cemeteries.

Lest We Forget, those souls were our sons and daughters; they were our fathers and mothers; they were our brothers and sisters; they are all family and friends who have bled, died and sacrificed in the past and continue to so for their Country and loved ones.

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